Our seafood is fresh and Australian! All items while stocks last!


Updated May 24.

In the live tanks: WA Crayfish, Mandurah Crabs and NT Mud Crabs are available! Cooked Crays as well!

Australian King Prawns

Australian Whole Raw King, Tiger and Banana Prawns.

Australian Cooked prawns 4

Premium Cooked Australian Tiger Prawns & Malaysian Black Tiger Prawns.

WA Crabs

Shark Bay, WA. XXL Male Crabs.

WA Cuttlefish

WA Cuttlefish.

Australian Mussels

South Australian Whole Black Mussels.

SA Spencer Gulf Organic Mussels

Organic Spring Bay (Vic.) XL pot-ready Mussels (sold by the 1kg packet).

Back May 2.

Australian Octopus

Cleaned, whole Wedge Island Octopus.

SA Oysters

 SA or Coffin Bay Fresh Oysters in the half-shell. Sold in trays of one dozen.

From the USA: Sea Scallops (roe off).

From the USA: Sea Scallops (roe off).

WA Squid 1

WA Squid.

Ocean Trout Fillets

Ocean Trout Cutlets and Sashimi Grade Ocean Trout Fillets from Tasmania.

Aus Raw Blue Swimmer Crab Meat

Raw Blue Swimmer Crab Meat – from Mozambique!

WA Leeuwin Marinated Octopus 1

Cape Leeuwin Marinated Octopus.

New Zealand Manuka Smoked King Salmon

New Zealand Manuka Smoked King Salmon Slices.

Tasmanian Salmon Cutlets

Tasmanian Salmon Cutlets.

Tasmanian Salmon Roast

Tasmanian Salmon Roast.

Australian Whole Salmon

Tasmanian Whole Salmon. (4 to 5kg each).

Sashimi Grade Tasmanian Salmon Fillets

Sashimi Grade Tasmanian Salmon Fillets (skin on).

WA Fish Fillets 2

WA Baby Snapper Fillets.

NT Barramundi Fillets (skin on) and Cutlets.

WA Red Snapper Fillets.

Australian Spanish Mackerel Cutlets.

WA Sweetlip Snapper Fillets.

Wild-caught Australian Tiger Prawn Meat.

Tasmanian Salmon Tail Fillets.

Fresh Whole Fish

There are often 3 or 4 imported fish types not readily available in WA. We carry these in order to meet customer requests.

They are always labelled.

Australian Barramundi

NT Barramundi.

WA Black Bream

WA Black Bream.

WA Black Pomfret

WA Black Pomfret.

NSW Bonito

NSW Bonito.

WA Cobbler

WA Cobbler.

WA Goldband Snapper

WA Goldband Snapper.

Malaysian Golden Pomfret

Malaysian Golden Pomfret.

WA Golden Trevally

WA Golden Trevally.

Australian Herring

WA Herring.

WA Leatherjacket - head-off

WA Leatherjacket.

WA Milkfish

Malaysian Milkfish.

Australian Mullet

WA Mullet.

WA Norwest Snapper

WA Norwest Snapper.

WA Red Emperor

WA Red Emperor.

WA Saddletail Snapper

WA Saddletail Snapper.

WA Scad

WA Scad.

WA Silver Trevally

WA Silver Trevally.

WA Spotted Cod

WA Spotted Cod.

WA Threadfin Bream

WA Threadfin Bream.

Malaysian Tilapia

Malaysian Tilapia.

WA Tropical Snapper

WA Tropical Snapper.

WA Yellowfin Whiting

WA Yellowfin Whiting.

Fish Heads

Fish Heads are generally available.

We will also fillet many of the whole fish we have in stock for you.


From the early morning fish market to you.


*Fish cleaning/filleting hours are 9:00 am – 5:00 pm daily. * Filleting/skinning free. No tiny fish like Sardines or Scaly are cleaned.

OUR FISH IS MARKET FRESH AND CAUGHT IN THE COASTAL WATERS OF AUSTRALIA. We do stock three imported fish types by requests from customers. On occasion, we carry special types from NZ.

Fish “cleaning” (the removal of organs, heads, gills etc.) is not available for quite small fish such as Sardines, Bony Herring & Scalys for example.

Fish “washing” is carried out in accordance with the A&NZ Food Standards Code 4.2.1 ‘Primary Production and Processing Standard for Seafood’ requires fish to be washed before filleting, skinning etc and for unprocessed fish to be washed before handing over to a customer.